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Nicky Romero Gets Called Out By Mom Of A Fan Who Mistook A Random Guy For Him

Nicky Romero is instantly recognizable. Actually, no wait. He kind of isn't. His music definitely is but as a person he kind of blends into a crowd. I can safely say that if I had to describe him to a police sketch artist the resulting sketch might come out looking like half the population of The Netherlands. That being said if I saw him in public I think I could definitely determine pretty fast if it was in fact him. Unfortunately for a fan and his mother – they could not.

Mistaken Identity

It all started with a tweet aimed at Nick basically calling him an a**hole. It was from the mother of a fan, who claimed that when her son asked Nicky for a photo out in public, he told him to more or less F**K off…

Nicky, of course, answered with grace and explained that he was nowhere near the country they lived in during the time of the suspected event. He also said that he will make sure her son gets the photo he wanted. One question remains though…who the hell was posing as Nicky Romero?


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