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Sober Rob Taps Karra For Vocal On New Single – ‘Supermoon’

The idea of a supermoon has always made me laugh a little bit. I will never forget when the media started to report on the supermoon phenomenon, and then after that first report, it seems like we are observing at least one supermoon every three months or so. Supermoons have become an everyday thing, that is why I am so excited to deliver to you today a song that strays from the pack and breathes new energy into an over-saturated genre.

While we may never truly know if Sober Rob is, in fact, sober, one thing we know for sure is that he has an innate ability to craft a gorgeous song. ‘Supermoon' features vocals by KARRA and they easily stand out as the focal point of the track. Sober Rob masterfully builds a beat around the lyrics that will leave you feeling relaxed but simultaneously motivated to take on the word.

‘Supermoon' contains many future elements but also does not hold back by adding some R&B vibes into the mix. What I truly love about this song is that it transforms right before the listener's eyes (or ears). Each drop is different from the last and the song showcases many different styles flawlessly. We cannot wait to hear what is next from Sober Rob, but for now, check out the tune below.


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