I love Calvin Harris. Like so much. His albums ‘I Created Disco' and ‘Ready For The Weekend' were some of the most influential LPs I have ever heard. While many consider '18 Months' to be where Calvin diverged from his signature funk sound, I still hold many of the tunes on it close to my heart. While I sincerely appreciated what he did in his more recent releases, they did not speak to my tastes as much as his previous work. So to hear him return to a more subtle funk sound on his latest record with Dua Lipa made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Calvin is no doubt one of the most iconic producers of electronic dance music. He helped the sounds find their way into the mainstream consciousness and has continued to top charts all over the world with his releases. In ‘One Kiss' he finds a sultry way to merge his signature funky disco sounds with modern day elements that make for a truly amazing listening experience. Dua Lipa's vocals shine on top of Calvin's productions and make for a one of a kind track. Check it out below. Keep doing your thing, Calvin, it is working out beautifully.

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