Well today wouldn't be a regular day if we didn't bring you an update on Ultra surprise guest rumors. That being said today's news is a little more jarring than that of Swedish House Mafia or even Daft Punk. Today Like Mike of the power duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike shared an Instagram photo with the caption – ‘expect the unexpected'. Immediately users of /r/umf lost their minds at the possibility that the special guest at Ultra could be DV&LM, and well not in a good way.

“oh god no”

Fans are now expecting the extraordinary for the special guests at Ultra 2018. So obviously the news of the caption, which is also Ultra's slogan for their 20th anniversary did not sit well. A set from the likes of DV&LM after the hype of Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, or even Daft Punk would feel like quite a let down.

It would be unexpected though since DV&LM are the face of Tomorrowland – Ultra's main competitor. While we assume they are contractually not allowed to play Ultra as their normal moniker, they have hit the festival in the form of 3 Are Legend. Still a performance by DV&LM at Ultra Miami is definitely unexpected.

Oh god no from r/UMF

Coast Is Clear

It did not take long for the word to reach back to Like Mike that Ultra rumors began to brew. He helped everyone take a collective sigh of relief and keep the grandiose rumors alive by clarifying he definitely WAS NOT referring to Ultra in any capacity with his caption. All though we have to point out that the members of SMH and their manager shot down the idea of a reunion at Ultra, but that didn't stop the hype train – so why is this all of a sudden different? We are a little over a week out folks so remember – expect the unexpected.

Regarding the LikeMike rumors. from r/UMF