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Chris Jobe releases immersive vertical video

Previously known as Nodaway, Singer Songwriter/Producer Chris Jobe composes contemporary pop music that finds inspiration in multiple genres spanning from jazz to hip hop to electronic, and even indie music. With the blunt realism in his cheeky lyrics and his combination of real organic instruments yet sheeny 808 percussion and island-like rhythms, Chris separates himself from other artists with what comes off as unique, sleek, sarcastically-happy pop. I honestly didn't even know their was a specific page for Music on Facebook or a #FBArtistOfTheDay but I am not surprised, and it is probably really good exposure for all artists who get the opportunity to have their music seen and heard all over all the world via FB. Chris Job really crushed this Instagram-influenced interactive visual. Check it out now below and keep Jobe on that back burner, I foresee big moves ahead for him soon enough!

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