Day for Night in Houston, Texas took place this weekend with some seriously mixed results. After the first day was plagued with production issues and an insane rain storm which lead to a dangerous situation at the entrance of the indoor venue of the festival, many were wary of returning back for the final day of the festival. Still an unbelievable lineup on Sunday including Justice, Solange, Phantogram, Thom Yorke and of course Rezz helped bring people out.

Rezz Gets Things Going Early

Rezz has an incredibly early spot on the main stage. This was disappointing but also understandable considering the acts booked for later in the evening. Still even though she took the main stage at 3 p.m. her turn out was impressive to say the least. The stage was packed from rail to front of the house with fans ready to hear selects off of ‘Mass Manipulation' and many more.

Rezz of course delivered a masterful set full of powerful hits from her debut album as well as singles from various artists including G-Jones who shut down the Yellow Stage the night before. In her second to last song Rezz announced that she had an unreleased track for the crowd and people went wild. We were able to catch almost the entire track below. We cannot wait to hear new Rezz to wrap up 2017 and to begin 2018.

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