Do you long to go back to the 80's? Do you play the Stranger Things theme on loop while driving down vast highways? Are you obsessed with neon hair, neon light, and neon… everything?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then let's take a look at Parralox's new video for their old favorite “Electric Nights”. The Melbourne-born act has been making rifts in the space-time continuum for almost 10 years now, with infectious synth pop hits. Initially, Electric Nights was a bonus track on one of their first albums, but as a fan favorite for this long, the song has finally evolved into a full Electric Nights EP, complete with a smattering of groovy remixes.

The duo, John and Joanna, had a little to say about the track: “So thrilled to show the world our video for Electric Nights. It's a bit of a mashup of our favorite things like Tron and 80s Arcade Games. So Electric!”

Be on the lookout for more Parralox, with their new album titled “Genesis” set to release in 2018!