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The FCC Has Officially Repealed Net Neutrality And The Way You Listen To Music May Never Be The Same

It is official. The one thing America has been most united on since the debate began almost a year ago, has happened none the less. The conservative majority FCC board has repealed the Obama era open internet standard of Net Neutrality. While those in favor say that it is a much needed move to help ISP also abide by antitrust regulations, it's critics vocally explain the price gauging that can now take place.

So What Does It Mean

On the nose it means ISPs have much more control over what they can provide to their customers. A certain site does not agree to their standards? Or even political views? They can slow down bandwidth to the point where nobody can visit the site without it crashing. The repeal of Net Neutrality also means that ISP can break the internet into packages like cable companies do. Like using Facebook? Then you need to buy a social media package for $10 a month. Like using Soundcloud and Spotify? Then that will be another $20 a month ON TOP of subscription rates already paid. Then lets say you also want to google some new artist you found on Soundcloud. Well then you are going to need to buy the Search engine package for $15 a month as well.

You get the idea.

While those in favor say the repeal of net neutrality will help capitalism by allowing smaller ISPs to get customers through offering competitive services, in the end we all just got really fucked. In theory it makes sense but not in practice. The damage has already been done…companies cannot hope to challenge juggernaut ISPs which already hold the vast majority of the market share. It does not help that many of the claims the FCC has cited as support of the repeal also come directly from Russian propaganda machines. In the end the arrogance of the Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, who time and time again claimed the American people do not know what they want or understand what they are talking about has set back freedom of speech, and ultimately the ability to access new music for years to come. It is a sad day for America.

Congress can reverse this decision but considering how the chambers have been voting recently – they will not. Still every little voice helps. You can team up with the ACLU here.

EDM Reacts

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