Earlier this year we started taking a closer notice at the underground & mysterious label call “Maca Records.” It seems that every release they do is fun, energetic & most of all, a Banger. On the Eve of Thanksgiving, the powerhouse label, that has seen artists like DJ Snake, Dillion Francis, GTA and more play out there tunes drops another masterful record. The act: Acraze. We asked them what they thought about being an artist…

“Be free, be yourself, goofball or not we are throwing down to hype them up. Hard songs for hard times, future bass for the future feels. It’s not about fame and fortune, it’s about connecting. You’re not a true artist if you’re not touching your audience. We’ll never forget that.” Acraze

This record has everything you want in a festival banger, and more over will get you lost in the melody. We are thankful for whoever is behind this beautiful label.