Daft Punk were once the undisputed kings of EDM. Now they are arguably the undisputed kings of merchandise. While we all wait eagerly for new music, what we continually get is new merchandise to purchase. Begrudgingly many of us still do. For example, I spent an unfortunate amount of money on a signed Daft Punk post earlier this year. Was it worth it? Yes absolutely. It means everything to me. Now though Daft Punk is making a move nobody could have guessed. They are officially shutting down their online store.

Issues on Issues on Issues

The company which handles all of the shipping and maintenance for the store, Sandbag, has been the butte of many controversies over the years. Time and time again orders went unfulfilled, items which were actually sold out were still listed as available. Fans often bought items the store did not have, then a lengthy refund process followed. It was always a bit of a disaster. A Daft Punk fan noticed that the store was running low on well everything. Like there was actually almost nothing listed as available. Sandbag responded to their tweet with news that the store will be shutting down very soon.

Does this mean that a new store will take it's place? Does it mean that Alive 2018 is confirmed? Yeah…probably that second one.


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