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Jauz Delivering Something BIG Today

A few months back, these four individual pieces (tracks) delivered a code. That code was thrown out there and no one really knew what it meant. It was kinda like your friends back in middle school, passing around secret codes while you sat there like “Well, they're talking shit about me”. One would assume “OTDE” or Off The Deep End… And thus, dont, get me wrong, I dont think Jauz is talking shit about us. But tweeting out yesterday stating that it will be unlocking something much bigger has the EDM world on its head in anticipation. If you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, take a look below, Jauz released four singles with different cover arts. Once they all released he put them together to what appeared to be an EP cover of sorts that delivered the secret code I mentioned (Jibberish). OTDE “Off The Deep End”. What could be something much bigger? Could this be the announcement the highly anticipated Album? Cross your fingers. All I know is this guy has proven over and over again, though he may have come in after other pioneers of Bass music, he has built his craft to become one of them. A huge piece of creating the Bass Music world that we live in today.

Stay tuned as the day progresses. We will update you once an official announcement is made!

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