Tony Hawk turned back up in world of dance music last Friday when he oddly enough was featured in RL Grime's Halloween VI mix tape. The skateboarding icon introduced the mix and took everyone off guard. Apparently even his son was beyond confused. His son Spencer texted his dad to tell him that someone was impersonating his voice on RL Grime's mix and to Spencer's surprise and confusion, his dad explained that it was actually him.

Spencer Hawk Is Gupi

When we heard that anecdote we weren't especially surprised. What was surprising is when we found out that Spencer Hawk isn't just a dance music fan but an actual producer. When first hearing this honestly we were a bit skeptical. We have seen the children of celebrities or celebrities themselves try to jump into music production and unfortunately the results were never that great. Here's the thing with Spencer Hawk though, his productions honestly aren't half bad.

Spencer produces under the name ‘Gupi' and we have to give him props, as in the description in Soundcloud he makes no attempt to market himself as part of the Hawk family. He let's his music talk for itself. It is full of big, atmospheric sounds. It honestly makes perfect sense that he was listening to RL Grime's mix when you hear his music. While Spencer still has some work to do to perfect his sound, overall little Hawk has a bright future ahead. Check out his latest EP below.

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