Deorro is back with another Latin Flavored Progressive hit. The “Five More Hours” DJ has made a name for himself for his high level production incorporating a diverse sound set and a multitude of cultures. Here we are today and Deorro has geared back towards “Perdoname” and “Bailar” with another track that we may not necessarily know the words to, but non-the-less vibe to really hard.

“Andele” is a track of immaculate progressive proportions. In a time where is seems like every track that comes out has a similar Dance-Pop sound, it’s a breath of fresh air to get a festival banger like this. Getting into with a rapid drumline that kick starts the fast paced track, we are delivered into a journey in sound. Accompanying the drumline is a up-tempo synth line that allows for the two to play off one another beautifully. The vocals kick in and the bridge ensure dropping us into a banger of a drop that had me jumping in my underwears.

Deorro has a great ear for production and putting together live performances and this track is sure to take us into winter club events with (for lack of a better term) progressive boners. If I offended anyone with that word, sorry, but it just worked. Peep “Andele” below!