Crankdat has enjoyed one hell of a year in 2017. This time last year Crankdat was not a name that many were familiar with, but after a year of successful remixes and original productions Crankdat has found his way in the hearts and souls of millions of adoring fans. Today he has teamed up with auto tune pioneer, T-Pain for a track that was definitely less than expected.

I love T-Pain, admittedly more than I should. It is a guilty pleasure, and honestly I am rarely disappointed with his features. That being said ‘In The Air' falls a bit short in my opinion. Crankdat has a signature sound, and his production easily lives up to the hype. Still this song feels like a vocal track and an instrumental that were made with no synthesis. They just do not seem to match each other, and unfortunately the end result is a bit conflicted. Also I cannot shake the feeling that this tune sounds incredibly similar to Zedd and Alessia Cara's mega hit, ‘Stay'. In no way am I inferring this was intentional, but at many times throughout the track things seem to line up. We know that Crankdat will redeem himself with his next release. Check out the track below and see if you agree with my opinion.


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