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Album Review

The Bloody Beetroots Return With A Bold Statement Of What Electronic Music Should Strive To Be

It has been some time since we heard from Sir Bob. It has been years in fact. The Bloody Beetroots appear so sporadically I don't feel that it is a stretch to say that many of us forget that Sir Bob (and the gang) even exist in between releases. When Sir Bob speaks though, we listen, and each time we learn a little bit more about what electronic music should strive to be.

In his last long play, ‘Hide', SBCR displayed a masterful blend of styles. It was truly an album that if listened through entirely would give the listener the sense of a fever dream. Bold melodies, risky arrangements, deliriously powerful sounds. The Bloody Beetroots are always raw, and it is always so good. In his latest release, ‘The Great Electronic Swindle' Bob Rifo takes on many current trends in modern day dance music. He bastardizes them and makes a mockery out of what many consider the status quo. Most of all he once again proves that it is better to forge your own path, than follow the crowd.

‘The Great Electronic Swindle' Gives EDM The Hard Reset That It Has Been Asking For

The album takes many sharp turns and at times lulls the listener into a false sense of security before turning things on their head once again. SBCR shows off his range in productions. Tracks like ‘Nothing But Love' and ‘Invisible' are light and inviting. These demonstrate The Bloody Beetroots ability to curate a sound which will find its way into all corners of music.

Then tracks like ‘All Black Everything' and ‘Kill Or Be Killed' ramp energy levels back up to an absurd maximum reminding everyone and anyone that will tune in to listen, that at the end of the day The Bloody Beetroots rock, and rock pretty damn hard at that.

What must be mentioned as well is that SBCR takes some risks on this massive 20 track LP. Tracks like ‘10,000 Prophets' are experimental in nature for the BBR project. So while they are unexpected, these Gems demonstrate that The Bloody Beetroots can easily adapt to the times. All in all ‘The Great Electronic Swindle' is a statement of an album. In times where electronic music seems to follow a cookie cutter pattern, we need heroes like Sir Bob to kick open the front door, trash the house, and make sure we do not get too comfortable with where we are at.


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