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Pasquale Rotella
Pasquale Rotella
Courtesy of Insomniac

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Pasquale Rotella Answers Your Questions About EDC Las Vegas 2018 on Reddit AMA

Founder and CEO of Insomniac, Pasquale Rotella, has taken the opportunity to answer some of your questions about this upcoming EDC Las Vegas on Reddit. Many changes will be taking place for next year's event, such as camping, a new shuttle service, new starting times, and new event dates. You guys must be wondering, what exactly is going to happen this upcoming year with all these new changes? Thankfully, Pasquale Rotella will calm your nerves and answer some of your questions.

Many headliners have been questioning on what they should expect with next year's shuttle service. Pasquale Rotella provided us with some information and stated that a new third party shuttle service will be handling the shuttles, and is specifically specialized in handling transportation for large events. Shuttle fees will remain the same as they did this year so extra fees will not be applied. Rotella seems very confident that this outside party will give us a great transportation experience, stating that “Shuttle operations are gonna be completely different next year.” It is best that we remain faithful in his decision and truly hope that everything goes well.

Camping has also been a popular topic on Reddit as well. Pasquale Rotella has confirmed that re-entry will be allowed for headliners who have a camping wristband. They will also be providing tents and shady areas that will protect attendees from the hot rays of the sun. Many fun activities will be taking place on the campgrounds so campers can be entertained while they are away from the festival. The campgrounds will be situated outside the Speedway Grounds. Thankfully, campers won't have to take a long walk to the festival doors. Locks are recommended to secure your camping tents. As a precaution, security offers will be roaming the grounds to prevent any looting in the area. You will also have access to your vehicle's if you must leave the grounds at any point. Checking into the camp has not been confirmed yet, but there is a possibility that check-in may occur on Wednesday at 7 pm, and check out on Monday at 7 pm. Camping sure seems like the fun way to go when attending next year's festival. More information about camping will be provided at a later time.

Most of us headliners have been waiting to see some new design stages for EDC Las Vegas. It has been confirmed that stages will be completely updated for this upcoming year. The real question is, which stage exactly will be updated? Pasquale Rotella has confirmed that quantumVALLEY will be transformed into a new open-air stage. Not only this, but he also stated that Insomniac is currently working on possible designs for neonGARDEN. Now, remember the ultimate megastructure that was once circuitGROUNDS? Rotella has revealed that this popular structure may possibly be making its return for the event.

Fun Facts
Aside from EDC Las Vegas, a curious fan had an interesting question for Mr. Rotella. For those of you who are unaware, EDC New York has been canceled for the time being. This fan asked why exactly did this magnificent event end? Rotella was kind enough to answer this for us and stated that a new venue was needed to continue the festival. Sadly, Rotella didn't go into depth as to whether they will be searching for a new venue, or if they will stop hosting the event entirely.

Have you ever wondered where exactly do all the kineticFIELD stages go to once they're finished being in use? Rotella has gladly acknowledged us that many of the parts actually remain in his backyard and the Insomniac warehouse. He hopes to create an Insomniac Production Museum someday. Imagine that! A whole museum dedicated to all the masterpieces of Insomniac? That is something many of us would like to see.

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What do you all think about these upcoming changes? Stay tuned for further information.

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