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ODESZA Debuts A Matured, Powerful and Refined New Sound With ‘A Moment Apart’

ODESZA had a really difficult task ahead of them the moment ‘In Return' was released. Their sophomore effort was one of the most impressive electronic music albums to ever grace the ears of listeners all over the world. Overnight ODESZA shot from a side stage act at various regional festivals to the Coachella main stage. Their popularity level erupted, and rightly so as ‘In Return' was a sonic case study of what every electronic music producer should strive to become. ODESZA had a difficult task ahead of them living up to the hype surrounding their third studio album. I am ecstatic to say that ‘A Moment Apart' not only matched the power of ‘In Return' but in so many ways surpassed it. ‘A Moment Apart' at this point is my pick for best electronic album of the year, and I highly suspect it will be recognized as such at this year's Grammy Awards.

A Developed and Mature Sound

‘A Moment Apart' is steeped in the classic ODESZA style that fans have come to adore. Yet the Seattle based duo has taken their signature vibe and refined it in several ways to produce an album full of emotional depth and show stopping productions. Many singles have seen the light of day before this release. ‘Line of Sight' and ‘Late Night' were stunning tracks, but only a taste of what was to come. ODESZA packed ‘A Moment Apart' with both lyrically driven, emotional ballads as well as powerful, energy infused dance floor hits.

The way ODESZA curated the album and juxtaposed these different styles throughout tells a story. The moment ‘Intro' and the title track begin until the end of ‘Corners of the Earth' the listener can experience that past several years of ODESZA's journey alongside the guys. Velvety melodies and enormous atmospheric sounds seemingly influenced by the gorgeous landscape of the pacific northwest will leave you starry eyed throughout this fantastic album.

The Complete Picture

While there are many stand out tracks on ‘A Moment Apart' the album should truly be listened to as a complete work. In this case the beauty of the trees is only magnified by the scene of the forest as a whole. Whenever you find a free hour. Whether it be driving, or after a long week of work – put this album on and tune out reality. Let the chaos and worries of life melt away to a soundtrack that ODESZA has managed to make sound like it was created specifically for whoever was listening to it in that moment. Enjoy a moment apart from your troubles and responsibilities with this electronic masterpiece.

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