Above & Beyond Team With Fan Favorite Zoë Johnston On “My Own Hymn”

Above & Beyond are back again with quite possibly their most popular vocalist, Zoë Johnston on what could be their best track in years, “My Own Hymn”. I luckily got the chance to experience this track for the 1st time last week as they played it last Saturday night at Electric Zoo in New York City. With less than 10 days until their 250th Group Therapy in The Gorge, this track seems like it could be the anthem of the weekend.

As usual with an Above & Beyond and Zoë Johnston track, the vocals and lyrics are beyond powerful and strike emotion into the listener immediately. With just a few snaps to begin, and Johnston's amazing vocals, the song leads itself into a patented Above & Beyond progressive drop.

An amazing melody, powerful vocals, & a hard bass line dominate this track from start to finish. I was a fan of their latest release “Tight Rope”, but I think this is more of what Above & Beyond fans have been looking for. A song thats been on repeat for me since I 1st heard it play at Electric Zoo, “My Own Hymn” is another instant classic by this power trio, once again highlighting their talent to find the perfect vocals and perfect melodies that can bring a smile to nearly anyone's face.

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Above & Beyond - My Own Hymn
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