As the rumors for Alive 2017 have begun to die as the year closes out, and 2018 is still a bit to far away to start Alive 2018 rumors, you might feel a little jaded towards Daft Punk. I definitely do after a solid 10 years of waiting for a return to touring. Still if you want to get your fill of the electronic legends there are some tribute groups out there that really do it justice. Daft as Punk from Ireland is taking their tribute to the robots to the next level.

Daft as Punk has announced that for their Ireland show this coming tour they will reproduce the entire pyramid from the Alive 2007 tour. The stage that changed electronic music forever. It will only be featured at their Ireland show as they stage cost, “an arm and fuc*ing leg” to build, so if you want to see the iconic pyramid stage one last time, you should probably start checking out airfare today.

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