Skrillex fans have had one hell of a week so far. It is about to get even better. After two releases from the OWSLA boss, Skrillex is gifting fans yet another massive collaboration. We have been able to confirm with our Aussie friends that it will be released at midnight via Spotify.

Coming out on the heels with the official release of his Neoprene remix as well as his co-production with Mark Johns, ‘Saint Laurent' is set to be released tonight at midnight EST. The cover art has popped up all over Reddit and looks minimalist and dark. There is no doubt this track will be both bass and rap heavy. Wale has been dipping his toes farther into EDM recently with many high profile collabs. This release will serve as another notch in his belt as he continues to cross over from solely hip hip. Stay tuned because as soon as it is available, you will be able to find it here.