Hey there dance music fans! Hope all is well! Here at EDMsauce, we're in the industry of bringing you the best possible electronic dance music from all over world regardless of how many followers you have on Soundcloud, how many likes an artist may or may not have on their Facebook page, or how many double-taps they get on their Instagrams. If a producer creates awesome music, it wil be heard.

This is the case for up and coming artist, CZNZ, with his newest track, ‘GoLdEn'. The track features incredible mixing and mastering, showcasing his skills as a producer, while treating us to some ridiculously constructed melodies, all fit tightly together in a future-bass, dub style format, kick-snare-kick-snare percussion pattern.

These types of tracks that flow across our desk really highlight why we do what we do. We don't do it for the catchy pop headlines of the EDM world, but to highlight great music! Let us know what you think of this track in the comments section below!