While we still may not be exactly sure who the man behind the baklava is, we are sure that whoever it is knows how to make some amazing music. Fresh off of his latest mix “Who Is Malaa 17“, Malaa has dropped in my opinion the grooviest house track of the year with “Paris 96′”.

“Paris 96′” starts out with a steady bassline for the 1st 30 seconds that leads itself into a some groovy piano chops. The song then grooves it's away along for about another minute until we get to one of the best uses of a sample i've ever heard. Malaa flawlessly weaves in Rene & Angela's “I Love You More” a extremely popular disco track, then weaves it right back out into a groovy bassline.

Listen to the track below and also grab the free download while it is up because this is a song you'll want to have in your library.

Malaa Paris 96'
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