Few artists have had such a meteoric rise as Odesza. Starting almost a decade ago, Odesza has made a monstrous footprint in both the way music is produced and in our hearts. The duo saw a ton of relative success early on in their career with the release of their first album. They were billed on festivals both small and large all over the country. Then things changed entirely with the release of their second album, ‘In Return'.

An Overnight Sensation

The group went from side stages to the Coachella main stage in under a year. The success and cultural impact of ‘In Return' was powerful. The guys almost single-handedly breathed new life into electronic music overnight. Dozens of artists would soon follow their lead of incorporating live instruments and live performance aspects into live shows. Then Odesza went quiet.

The Silence

For almost two years Odesza released no new music. Then the teasers started in the first quarter of 2017. We knew new music was right around the corner and soon found out a full album was on it's way. So far several singles have dropped and they match the Odesza vibe everyone has come to know and love. Odesza took some time to reveal what has helped them become so successful over the years in an interview with Native Instruments. No surprise – it involves a lot of failing.

Featured Image by Julian Bajsel


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