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Anna Ross’ new EDM Pop single, “First Day” is fully supported by Duran Duran

There is little to inform you of who Duran Duran is and there should be little to inform you who Anna Ross is but we'll tell you anyway. Hailing from the far, far land in the U.K., singer/songwriter Anna Ross releases her extremely enticing track, “First Day” to have some actual good music to listen to this Summer. You may know Anna Ross from her work touring and singing with Duran Duran, a platform that has brought her to just about every stage imaginable, from Coachella and Live Aid to the opening of the Olympics. To note, if you don't know who Duran Duran, google them, they're only one of the premiere groups of the 80's. Now she brings her passionate, hypnotic vocals front and center on. From an early age, she was encouraged by her parents to follow her passion in music and boy were they right on the money. Aren't we all glad she didn't choose to be an engineer or something else.
Duran Duran are 100% supportive of “First Day”, the title track and lead
single from her upcoming album. John Taylor's (Duran Duran's bassist) remix of the track
with co-producer Charles Scott will be released later this month. We love the collaboration to turn the remix into a new sensation and take this track to new heights. Yes, it's the vocals that brought us together with her but it is her energy and charisma that truly shines through her music. It's music you can truly feel, feel like enjoyment isn't a chore but a natural feeling. We want you to feel the same thing; listen to “First Day” and give yourself the satisfaction.

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