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Half Of Bixel Boys Announces Departure From Group In Heartfelt Editorial

Bixel Boys has been an incredibly influential duo in the electronic music scene for many years now. That is why it came as a bit of a shock when Ian MacPherson announced today through a heartfelt editorial that he will be leaving the group.

Ian attributed his decision to the fact that much of the attraction of Bixel Boys was embedded in ideals of a younger self. Now that he has turned 30, his focuses have changed a bit from living the wild lifestyle. In an almost heartbreaking way he describes that while the project gave him an unforgettable youth, it is time to start a new chapter. You can read the full interview here. As well as check out some of the choice quotations below.

“In many ways Bixel Boys (as a brand) is a projection of my entire youth. And while maybe I wasn’t aware of it all the time, so many small experiences I’ve had growing up are embedded into the marks and messaging of Bixel.”

“This year I turned thirty and as people say, ‘my priorities have changed.’ I find my truth is found less in expressing my youth, but more in exploring my age. My hunger for adventure has been satisfied by Bixel Boys, but there’s a thirst for something new that it can’t quench.”

“My heart from the start of Bixel Boys was in story telling. Our story was cut from a very authentic and personal place. We never studied what other people were doing, we never wanted to look, sound or act like anyone else, and we were able to find success because our story came from a place of truth. It’s stories like this that I want to tell, for brands, athletes, artists and publications. I’m looking forward to starting a new career with a new set of challenges, and without the experience as Bixel Boys I don’t think I’d ever have the courage to pursue it.”

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