When two established solo artists come together to form a duo, it usually evokes quite a bit of excitement. That's exactly what happened when Hudson Mohawke and Lunice came together to form the electronic duo, TNGHT back in 2012. They are most notably known for their tracks “Higher Ground” & “Acrylics.”

The duo was short lived, however with an announcement in 2013 that the pair would be taking a hiatus. In the mean time, both artists vowed to work on their solo careers and have since shared some pretty stellar beats on their own. As well as continually teasing that the duo will be back, eventually.

And this week, at the Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin, Lunice shared that TNGHT is making a come back and will be sharing new music soon. Knowing that these two are capable of mastering music both separately and as a duo has us even more excited to see what's next for the partnership.

Stay tuned for the latest news on their upcoming project.