Let's start off with the obvious…you should not title your track after a drug. It is tacky. Even Future knew not to call ‘Mask Off', ‘Molly Percocet'. The fact this track is under two minutes is pretty rough too.

‘Xan Man' is basic, and honestly…kind of lazy. The only noteworthy piece of the tune is THIRTYRACK who raps throughout. What really set me over the edge was the beat cutting out for several seconds only to return with absolutely no changes. It is just a 15-20 loop throughout the minute and 43 second track.

Now of course ‘Xan Man' was produced for a hip hop audience and not an EDM one. So while we are not into it, many people might be. Still…we know Carnage is capable of great things. He helped trap get onto the main stage with a massive presence and high energy beats. To see Carnage push out a release like this one is disappointing to say the least. Check it out below.

Overall Rating
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