Nicky, Nicky, Nicky. What are we going to do with you. ‘Iconic' is quite a name to give a track but unfortunately the track does not live up to it's name. While on the surface the track is throw back classic electro, but dive a little deeper and we find that in a way, it is a tune that we have heard countless times before.

The cascading synths in the drop of ‘Iconic' are the main issue I have with the track. I cannot put my finger on which tune it resembles exactly but I had to listen through the entire song to make sure I had not heard it before. While it was a solid attempt at old school electro vibes, we have heard this style done better by artists such as Black Tiger Sex Machine. So while we are sure ‘Iconic' will find it's way into many festival sets this summer due to it's high energy drop, we just can't shake the feeling…this has done before. Time and time again.

Overall Rating
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