Skrillex has seemingly been in the studio everyday this year. It feels like once a week we are working on an article about a possible new collaborator pairing up with Skrillex. Today we are happy to bring news and music that is 100% Sunny Moore. No tricks, no nothing. Just an absolutely insane set from the mastermind behind so much of what EDM has become.

FORM Arcosanti Went Off Hard This Year

FORM Arcosanti is a beloved festival that features architecture, community and of course good music. SKrillex has been a known contributor to the event since it's humble beginnings and his sets at the fest are beyond belief. Is 2017 does not stray from the back.

We already reported on one crazy Kendrick remix played out during the set, now we want to show you just how perfect the whole package was. Did we mention there are a shit ton of IDs in there? They stand at 20:50, 39:25, 43:20, 43:45, and 84:00. Yeah all in all that is 5 unreleased tracks from Skrillex. Check out the 2 hours of insanity below.

IDs From 1001 Tracklists


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