Jersey Club's most premier DJ is back, and he's trippier than ever. Otherwise known as the future bass icon Lido, the multi-talented producer has released another single under his Trippy Turtle moniker. “Slide” is an extremely gratifying track, even if this is your first encounter with Trippy Turtle, or Jersey Club altogether.

A pulsing high toned bass kick, re-cycled R&B vocals, and a steady beat make up your average Jersey Club song. The genre was born in Baltimore, cultivated in NJ cities like Newark, and now has reached the EDM scene en masse. 4 years ago, Trippy Turtle emerged as an anonymous artist, displaying a pixelated frog on each of his album covers. Today, he is arguably the most watched Jersey Club producer today.

“Slide” is an instant banger, as noted by its proclamation of ‘Top 5' throughout the song. It is certainly his most well produced song to date. Take a listen, and make sure your in an area that permits you to drop it low. FoFoFaDi