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The Chainsmokers Address Fans’ Main Concern with New Album

Okay we have to be honest here. We were pretty skeptical that there would be that much new music on The Chainsmokers' new album. The guys have pretty steadily been cranking out hit single after hit single.

I guess they may have heard our concern and tweeted out today that their debut album is going to feature all new music, besides ‘Paris' of course. This was a relief to hear as it has become to common of a practice for an artist to basically release all the music through singles instead of waiting for a full LP.

What's more is that the some album art work has been potentially leaked. The artwork found in the above link on continues the same theme the guys have been playing on with this album and their tour. That is – a sentimental box of items all with an associated memory. The box contains a lot of Chinese food, a couple microphones and a few unique items like a rosary…check it out below. Sources say that this will be the album artwork in some capacity.


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