We recently stumbled across a track by an up-and-coming artist in the the Pop and R&B charts, but now he has his sights set on EDM-Pop. “Turn Up The World” by Jared KF Jones is everything you need that is inspirational to people that just want to live it up. Let loose in a world that tries to harness who you are, live free without worry; wouldn’t that be quite surreal. I would say music is the only thing that the outside world can take away from us. We can get lost in music, just as we can get lost in “Turn Up The World”, even if it’s not literal but we are free in our minds.
This is definitely the perfect transition that Jared KF Jones wants to take to be more in the EDM-Pop genre; the up-tempo rhythm and the synth-heavy pop, look soon to see his name on the charts. This singer/songwriter has all the tools, even the commercial sensibility to become well-known. Recently, his music has been featured on shows like: “The Game”, “The Voice” and “Days of our Lives”, and that’s just to name a few. As one music executive states, “He’s an up-and-comer that you should watch out for. Be sure to listen below and let us know what you think.