With the rise of the more simplistic and repetitive aspects of bass music over the last year, the genre of dubstep is becoming flooded with massive amounts of new talent. Every day it seems that a bedroom producer from any city across the world is being discovered and thrown into the spotlight by label heads. With this rise came the founding of Bass OG Skism's Never Say Die Black Label. The label has dominated bass music since it's founding in 2015 and has brought names such as Trollphace, Midnight Tyrannosaurs,  and Badklaat to the forefront of dubstep charts and lineups alike. Another name who has now found his way onto the label with his first release is the mysterious and extremely dynamic LA producer Aweminus. 

Aweminus has been pumping out quality tunes for years and now it seems that the big leaguers are starting to take notice. His first Black Label release came in the form of a four song EP entitled “Short The Fuse” that is packed to the brim with riddim inspire heaviness that makes us question the future of dubstep in the best way possible. Not only is each song organize and composed beautifully with a combination of deep lows and epic repetitive highs, but the sound production is absolutely out of this world. The amount of power and punch that each track contains is a serious blow to all other producers who are working as hard as they can to find the sounds that Aweminus has in this EP. After listening to these tunes, we truly believe that everyone else should just quit. Throwing in the towel would be much easier than attempting to top this opening release. If you couldn't already tell, we see an everlastingly bright future for Aweminus and hope that Never Say Die finds it's way into working with him again. It's a pleasure for our ears to hear such genre defining pieces.

Adam Leopold
My name is Adam Leopold and I'm a contributor here at EDM Sauce. I love all genres, but my favorites are trance and dubstep. I love artists that dignify themselves from the pack through original content and a separation from the average sounds. If you can throw down a set I've never heard before, I'm instantly a fan. My favorite artists are Above & Beyond, Pretty Lights, and Bassnectar. I'm currently pursuing a Political Science degree at Temple University and am living in Philadelphia as well. My name on Facebook is Leo Adam, feel free to add me if you want to chat about anything music related or just to have another friendly face in the scene. I hope you all enjoy what I put out and am so grateful to be able to give to an industry that has given so much to me!