Well RL Grime went ahead and dropped his Halloween V mix a little over a week ago now, and the shear amount of fire contained in it, melted the ice caps and rose the sea level by several inches. Collectively the world struggled to find a contingency plan, then the unthinkable happened. RL Grime, Skrillex, and What So Not released their collaboration “Waiting”. Volcanoes erupted all around the world, cold blooded animals became mammals out of no where, and most shocking of all, the oceans started to boil with rage as the world succumb to the insanity that was this collab.


Okay I got a little bit carried away with that last paragraph but this release is an absolute monster. Each artist can be heard in the track, there specific sounds reigning true in particular sections. It is a show stopper, the kind of song that cannot be released in just any set at any time, but one that must be dropped with caution and care. It is brutal, relentless but just so damn good.

This is thought to be the first single off of RL Grime's latest LP which has not be officially announced yet. RL dropped some info about work on a new album a few months ago via Snapchat, but since then, no more information has been released. So check out this free download below and enjoy watching the world burn.

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