Excited to be able to premiere this one today! Eric Sharp and Tenova join forces for a new bass infused House collaboration titled “Hallucination” and it's out now via Tommie Sunshine’s record label, Brooklyn Fire. L.A. native Sharp and Pittsburgh based Tenova really did a number on this one that is bound to make you move! Check out a quote from both below and under that stream the new original “Hallucination” — enjoy!
The inspiration for this song came to me one rainy night in Pittsburgh. I had a gig scheduled for later that night, and had to run down to a local underground venue to pick up a Serato Box (mine had been stolen the night before). This venue was located on the second floor of a building on Tripoli Street, and there was a creepy, almost sinister solace about the ambiance of this neighbourhood that night. There was a moment where I was standing alone on the street, feeling the calm and eerie silence of the city, but also the chaos and coming entropy of the rave I was going to be playing at in just a few hours. 

Think police sirens in the distance, complimented by the muffled cry of a 909 drum kit from inside the venue; contradiction, dualism, and a search for warmth are themes sampled heavily in this record.

I didn’t go in; I wanted to capture this feeling as soon as possible. I drove home and banged a rough idea out in a few hours before my gig, and immediately sent it to Eric” – Tenova

This is the first vocal track where I personally co-wrote the lyrics, and for anybody that knows me this will make sense. I’m fascinated by synesthesia, surrealism, and metaphors – and this track is chock full of these themes. While writing we were definitely inspired by the icy, cold tones of the bass-lines and chords. I’d like to think that some of the eerie imagery bled through from Tenova’s inspiration for the track” – Eric Sharp

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