An Emotional & Ecstatic Story Unfolds

After a euphoric premiere, Kygo has returned with an emotional and moving story to accompany his latest work.

A classic homage to EDM life and the euphoria of love, the two music videos tell two different stories about the same two characters.

Together they are an assemblage of modern romance and good vibes.

The first video, aptly titled “I’m In Love” portrays a typical, “I still love you even though we have grown apart” narrative. In detail, we see flashbacks covering a couple and their time both together and apart while attending concerts (Kygo concerts, obviously), wandering the streets of Paris, Playing, arguing, and overall depicting the merry go round of life.

James Vincent McMorrow provides the vocals in this piece, and is equally as captivating and swirling as the visuals themselves.  

Overall the video sets an overcast mood, regardless of the many joyous visuals.

The entire video could be seen as a metaphor to the modern EDM scene, tyrant, exciting, euphoric and crushing all at the same time.

Don’t worry, (Spoiler alert) the story comes up the hill in the end and the lovers do find themselves back together again.

The second video in the series, “Raging”, paints a bolder and more affronting glare of the couple, delving deeper into the character’s back story and providing a greater emotional weight. This time around the story is less about them and more about what they have experienced. Be it happy times in foreign lands or getting caught in dangerous protests on unfriendly streets. As the music grooves Kodaline’s vocals help carry the story through it’s paces.

Both videos are a refreshing change, taking us beyond the rave and past the afterparty,  and into the emotional side of Electronic Music.

With tight production sounds and smooth melodies, Kygo has raised the bar taking us to Cloud Nine.

Check out the cool videos below and don’t forget to look for the album on iTunes.

Kygo – I'm in Love ft. James Vincent McMorrow

Kygo – Raging ft. Kodaline


Dylan Broda
I like electronic music, and all the sub genres and the "sub" sub genres that come with it... I'm a student currently living in Toronto Ontario, Canada. I blog about upcoming music and more recently have been producing my own. I enjoy listening to Future Bass, Trap, Chill-Step, Neon Nature, Nu-Disco, Electro, ElectroSwing, Tropical house, GlitchHop, Dubstep and many and more combinations of the above.
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