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GRiZ Captures Summer’s True Essence With Two New Tracks

I attach memories of people and places to all of the music I listen to. Detroit producer GRiZ has provided me with an all too relevant summer soundtrack with his two latest releases “Feelin' High” ft. Eric Bloom (on vocals) and “Summer '97” ft. Muzzy Bear (on guitar). Therefore, I feel absolutely compelled to share with you. In both “Feelin' High” and “Summer '97” GRiZ uses relaxed tones that blend so well with an eclectic mix of brass wind and string instruments. GRiZ creates an introduction with the familiar ambient sounds of insects in a late summer evening in “Feelin' High” paired with a vocal excerpt of James Franco and Seth Rogan in The Interview (“Haters gonna hate, ainter's gonna ain't.”). The same ambient intro is used for “Summer '97”, this time with a vocal excerpt of Mathew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused (“You just gotta keep livin' man.”). 

The composition of both songs beautifully captures the lazy and warm evenings of summer 2015, which for me has been filled with shenanigans and debauchery with a very interesting girl I met at Coachella. Both songs induce memories of cruising down the San Diego coast around sunset, dazed and confused (lol) listening to the sounds of GRiZ. It seemed everything around us slowed down and fused into the most relaxing and carefree atmosphere compliments of these tracks. I can safely assume this is the feeling GRiZ wanted to portray in both releases. In fact, GRiZ provided a short description of both on Soundcloud, citing both as “summer vibes” (a short, yet absolutely accurate illustration). Take a listen for yourself and allow GRiZ to show you what the summer of 2015 sounds like (did I mention both tracks are being offered up as free downloads?). Also, be sure to check out GRiZ on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all related news and tour dates.


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