Dance music is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more people have aspirations to become producers. While this is good for the scene, as more people are interested in it, it comes with some negatives, as there is a lot of filler to sift through to find quality productions nowadays. The Tampa-native, Trivecta, has always put the onus on creating quality productions – and if you take one look through his SoundCloud, his talent is clear. He’s typically been a player in the melodic dubstep realm, but like any good producer, he’s dabbling in other genres with his sound, and this time, he’s taking on trance. Tabbing singer/songwriter Roniit for “Resurface,” Trivecta shows off his many talents with the track – he crafts a punchy bass line and atmosphere string arrangement that perfectly complements Roniit’s vocals, and all of it comes together to impress. “Resurface” is up as a free download, so get it here.