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Adam Beyer- Stone Flower EP- DC141

For those of you who are fans of Techno or even Tech House if we want to get specific and you haven't already heard Adam Beyer's new EP titled “Stone Flower” you clearly are missing out.

His first track, “Stone Flower” is quite literally everything that embodies Techno as a whole, yet Beyer is still able to tie in his very distinct unique sound to the track itself, the embodiment of the rhythm brings you to nothing more than a jam session in your own mind as at the track plays out bringing a smile to the face of anyone with an ear for this genre.

Next on this incredible EP we have “That Would Be The Sun”. Which on a superficial level seems to be an interesting name for a track, but with a closer listen, a look deeper into the track itself is when you can ever so slightly begin to understand what this track truly means. With that comes the once again rhythmic flow not only unique to this track, this EP, or even this genre as a whole but it's something that is incredibly replete throughout the entirety of specifically this track and it is nothing short of amazing.

The next following track to Adam Beyer's EP goes by the name “The Crossing”. This track, of all the tracks on this EP is what sticks out to me but to be perfectly honest if someone were to ask why it is that way, there is no way that I can answer that without sounding like a blabbing idiot. The only response I can honestly have is that the track is what sticks out. Maybe its the use of voice samples that brings more character to the track, or the heart throbbing kick that is more audible in this track from the rest. But whatever it is, it shouldn't go without saying that this track is incredible.

To wrap up this all up in a gorgeous black velvet bow we have “What You Need”. It's rather interesting that every track on this EP hits its melody on a lower register but what this track really brings to the table is a higher pitched melody that seems to just flow indistinctly inside, through, and under the bass line in perfect seamless harmony. Even if “The Crossing” is my favorite of the four on this EP, this track definitely is a very close second. Of the four I believe it to be the most unique in not only it's color, but of how the track really just makes you move

If you want to hear more of Adam Beyer, be sure to follow Drum Code on SoundCloud. If you would like to hear more from the world of Swedish techno be sure to give them a like on Facebook and follow them on Twitter as well. Also, be sure to give the EP a listen for yourself below!


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