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Aussie Teen is Making $1200 A Night From Throwing Underage Raves

The Herald Sun in Melbourne, Australia reported earlier this week that a 17 year-old named Nick Stokes was earning so much from throwing underage rave parties that his hobby was actually turning into a legitimate business. Hiring bouncers, a DJ, a photographer, and buying drinks (not specified what type), the parties are organized and promoted by Stokes primarily on Facebook. Typically attracting over 300 kids from ages 14-18 per night, the entry fee for such parties is typically $15.

In an interview, Stokes claimed to make over $4000 per night and kept about $1500 of the profit (after paying his crew and other “independent contractors”).

At this point, it's almost comical to assume police aren't aware of what's happening – and they certainly are. However, Police spokeswoman Leonie Johnson told the Herald Sun that one party was broken up about a week ago (March 21st) with “no offenses detected” and just 100 teens were forced to go home around 11:30 P.M.

Some of the attention for News stories like this may be partly due to the incredible internet response of a teen whose parties and behavior went viral on the internet – another Aussie named Corey Worthington. Check out a strange interview between Worthington and a reporter below that solidified his internet fame.

“People have compared me to Corey Worthington but I don’t want to be associated with him — he’s not on my level. I’m much bigger than him. I’m the best at what I do,” Stokes boasted. He also mentioned that he turned down an apprenticeship at work.

“I didn’t have a Job at the time and I found out pretty quick it was easy money, so I just kept doing it… I’ve got in a lot of trouble over the years … so my parents are pretty angry,” he said.

Stokes plans on keeping his event “business” going.

“I think if I put my mind to it, I could be making much more money out of it. Like right now, I make about $1200 in a night and I’m not even trying. I could imagine that adults would be pretty mad about that, seeing as they work so hard all week for what I can make in one night,” Stokes said.

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There may be other raves happening in the world that rake in surprising profits, but these pop-up teen parties are quickly becoming a hot news topic in Melbourne. With media keeping a closer eye on these kids than their parents, who knows what this attention will forge.

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