Nu Disco inclined fan, with an interest in something a little different? Discovered this guy Erik Delong who is just starting out. While it easy to know where to find the popular artists and stick with them, one of the magical things about music is finding those creators who aren't that well known and then sharing the new find with friends. Mr. Delong's tunes are catchy and go all over the place. Plus he not only produces, but sings on all the tracks which seems to be a blossoming trend (Porter Robinson on Worlds, Kaskade on Atmosphere). His first full length album Songs For An Intimate Evening” just released and is available on iTunes for just $5. Best of luck in the near future Erik Delong, looking forward to see where you go from here.

Preview 5 of the tracks here – Personal favorites: ‘I Need You' & ‘Ordinary Love'

Hello Friends! My name is Zack and I'm what I call a music enthusiast, a fan of lots of genre's but my "go to" for a while has been the growing electronic side of productions. I love all different kinds of creativity expressed by people whether it's art, music, athletics, written word…anything that shows more about that person and what their passions are. Currently I am living in Nazareth, Israel interning with Young Life Youth Ministry. It's been a privilege to experience another part of the world. My faith is a huge part of who I am, and do my best to become a better me daily. Live with love and stay positive :) God Bless is a clothing company project I'm involved in - check it out if you like