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Aeons - Loud Flight (Free Download)
Aeons - Loud Flight (Free Download)
Aeons - Loud Flight (Free Download)

Free Download

Aeons – Loud Flight [Free Download]

Aeons – Loud Flight kind of does remind me of a loud flight in some regard. Picture this: you're on American Airlines, everything starts off real smooth, the plane is just kind of getting settled… but you can sense what's coming. The loud noise is going to start any minute. All the pieces are falling into place: baby two rows behind you, fat guy snoring in the seat to your right, and on the other side is a guy hooked up to an iron lung. In the case of this jam however the baby is a Synth, the fat guy is the bass, and the dude in the iron lung… he's just that special something that ties the whole thing together. The track definitely starts off more relaxed and spacey before really ramping up the sound and volume in the second half. But, unlike the whole plane situation, this loud noise comes in the form of sweet, sweet music Plus, just like that kindly old man in his lovingly handcrafted antique cast iron lung, it has that special something that wraps it all together. But don't take my word for it! Head on over to soundcloud to download and listen to this bad boy for free.

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