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Tiino – Endurance

‘Endurance’ typifies Tiino’s forceful approach to production. Distinctive leads, unusual patterns on the melodies and a special attention to detail on the nuances tie together in a unique, but accessible style. The leads start out just plucking the very bottom end as a sharp low pass filter creates a mystical start to the production. The breakdown is long, very long in fact, even for a dance track, but credit to Tiino, it never gets boring as he’s been busy working on a truck load of white noise modulations, intricate backing pads, whooshes and a collection of snare rushes and fills that keep the listener on their toes. The tension rises and gets chaotic towards the peak, but still no drop – it’s a lot of drama and build-up, but it’s worth the wait. After Tiino’s taken the breakdown as far as possible there is finally a drop and it whips an extra few frequencies on the bottom end when the boisterous kick drum hits. Clearly not one to do things by halves, Tiino’s bass notes hit hard on the sub range, which is great as it makes the long breakdown seem all the more worthwhile. If the breakdown was more tuneful, the drop takes a darker edge, with both the bass and new lead taking a more menacing posture. This isn’t soulful, funky or live sounding in the rhythm department – but it’s not supposed to be. This is a dramatic, no-nonsense main stage track that’s made for the peak time hours for dance music fans that want something with a bit of bite, which it has in abundance. ‘Endurance’ will leave its teeth marks on you.


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