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Coming Home To Electric Forest

“My anger, my ego, all of the things that were inside me that I was caught around kind of just melted away and disappeared. I’ve never found anything so positive.”

The opening lines of “Take Me Home”, the first video in a five part series released by Electric Forest Music Festival illustrates the qualities behind the transcendence of Double JJ Ranch, to create the awe-inspiring atmosphere that Electric Forest is. Whether you’re reliving your magical time spent in Sherwood Forest or anxiously anticipating your first encounter, understand that nothing but positivity and good music awaits. Numerous times have I heard community members declare Electric Forest their home and I've witnessed first hand the way relationships develop and blossom over the course of the short four day’s. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to know people in a rather eccentric way, connecting on a deeper level through the shared love of art and music. Electric Forest rightly prides itself on the ability to remind us all how simple it is to be ourselves and comfortably be surrounded by those trying to do the same thing. After watching you'll see why The Forest is a festival worth traveling the world for. So when you come, wear some Wings, meet a new friend, listen to your favorites and discover a new artist. Above all, enjoy yourself and experience all you can. Take time out of your busy day to catch a glimpse of the world crafted within Rothbury, Michigan.

Be sure to keep an eye out for News about EF2015.

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