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The Awakening Tour Featuring Filibusta And Pleasure

If you're a fan of future beats you'll want to check out Filibusta (AKA Troy Probst) and Pleasure (AKA Sean McCarthy) during the Awakening Tour. With Filiabusta throwing down the funky glitch tracks and Pleasure dropping the sexy bass, the two make for a great mixture of sounds and styles.

I caught up with the two before their sets in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to see how the tour was going so far. With both guys being in the dead center of Midwest and featuring lots of Midwest stops on the tour, I had to ask how the vibe was compared to the rest of the country.

Filibusta :”The Midwest is very hospitable, but I've gotten very good vibes all around. I've never played a show where there were bad vibes the whole time. People are always interested in talking to you.”

Pleasure: “The West Coast is way more open minded and forward thinking. They'll listen to anything they enjoy as long as there's bass. The Midwest is more pocketed towards certain things, but they're still very accepting.”

Fans attending the tour should expect two different styles from Filibusta and Pleasure. When I asked about this they each had something to say.

F: “The thing I like traveling with him (Pleasure) is you're getting this sexy weird bass and you get funky weird glitch with me. We can bring in two different types of crowds rather than just one that keeps getting beaten in the head the whole way through.”

P: I think we compliment each other well. Like he said I bring the weird, sexy vibe with future music and he (Filibusta) has the future funk. I think they're both very West-Coasty. It's not dubstep, it's not trap, they're both so many BPMs, so many tempos, but still consistently just Bass Music.

Sadly during the tour, Filibusta has been cursed with venues and promoters misspelling his name. I was curious whether this was an inside joke or if the venues not done their research?

 F: “If a person gets a flyer and it's spelled wrong, I'm hoping that Google will pick up on it. It's been kind of a joke for me by now because it's been going on for about 4 years. Hopefully they'll get it right when I'm famous!”

The guys are only halfway through the tour, and they've guaranteed lots of fun with the remaining stops! With Lincoln, Salt Lake City, Dallas and Austin recently added to the mix, Filibusta and Pleasure can take that as a sign from the universe that the tour is going smoothly and even gaining momentum.

Filibusta Pleasure Awakening Tour

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