Protohype is back with a vengeance and this time he has brought friends. The Dub-Hop producer has displayed his incredible ability to blend genres together seamlessly in his latest EP, ‘Encore'. The title track features hypnotic verses by Ras and an unforgiving bass line. It is truly one of those jaw dropping songs that when you hear it, you have to wonder how it could get any better. Well luckily Firepower up-and-comer Twine has taken this track and mixed in his own brand of uniquely chaotic sonic perfection.

Twine has totally reworked the drop of the song and made it his own. Ras' vocals boom over the build while the song continues to build tension and just when you think the entire thing might implode from awesomeness Twine lets this one rip into a drop that is trap, dub, hip hop and more all in one. Check this one out below because you will not be finding it anywhere else and pre-order your copy of ‘Encore' today. Trust me…you do not want to miss out on this one.

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