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Portable Hotels Ready for Music Festivals

“Don't worry about carrying a tent and sleeping bag to festivals ever again.” This is the message that a group of Belgian architects and engineers hope to make a reality for festival-goers worldwide. Dubbed “B-and-BEE” these hexagonal pods are stacked like a honeycomb to help provide optimal capacity at any campgrounds.

The stackable pods are made from a weatherproof wood and metal frame. They can be stacked 4-high and shelter 50 people in an area just over 300 sq ft. Each pod contains a king sized bed and amenities including power supply, locker, and light fixture. Pods are sealed with a zipper flap.

The idea is the cummulative brainchild of companies Achilles Design, One Small Step, and Compaan & Labeur. There are currently six pods being tested at Belgium's Gentse Feesten festival.

Theoretically, these pods could also be used for emergency shelters (such as disaster relief) and for the homeless population.

Check out the detailed photo gallery below:


Drawing up the design plans for B-and-BEE
A simple combination of physics and engineering
The goal is practical tranquility
Let's make the best use of our space
Insides are roomy and comfortable
Everybody wants the top bunk


All about expression

Videos courtesy of Achilles Design
We could fit more than 2 people in here!
Easy setup and breakdown
They're like grown-up Legos

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