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The Guild: Exploring Artist’s Creativity with OVERWERK

Freeman House is conducting a video series exploring the sources of creativity from famous artists. Creativity is something that sometimes seems stifled in Electronic Music. While some artists are continuing to explore the outer limits of sound design, more times than not new music seems reminiscent of something heard before. This short video, beautifully edited to flow between live show footage and a personal interview takes a look at one of the more creative artists in the game right now. OVERWERK is known for his incredible remixes and sound design the is beautifully original. With OVERWERK's first North American tour just heating up, and this being the kick off to the video series, it is the perfect time to check it out. Within the few minutes OVERWERK breaks down where the hidden spring of his creativity stems from and how he initially started to produce music.

We will be keeping an eye on ‘The Guild' as it continues to explore where creativity comes from and how some of the most unique artists in the industry continue to come up with sonically intriguing sounds.

The Guild : Edmond Huszar from Freeman House on Vimeo.

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