It's been nearly a year since a Rusko has graced our collective eardrums with a new tune, and if the Lift Me Up (EP) was seen as a departure from this OG dubstep guru's roots Sunshower continues the trend of the UK native evolving his sound. The track which debuted last week on Plastician's Friday night Rinse FM show features a complex, syncopated drum pattern melded with bright airy, synth pads in the high range, a catchy little synth lead halfway into the first drop, and string sections here and there to tie the whole thing together. While that last sentence may be a mouthful, it's simply because there is so much going on here; the only way to describe the sound is New Wave. No word on any release dates yet, but check out the the track starting 28 minutes into the mix and show Rusko some love on soundcloud.