Up and coming SoCal producer / DJ Rambo V released this banging remix of Marlena Shaw's smooth late '60s hit, “California Soul.” He put a silky clean house vibe on his twist of the classic feel-good anthem, and somehow made it feel even better then the original. Psychedelic yet percussive vocal loops layered on top of a dirty-thumping bass line that will hypnotize you to bob your head along to the new track. My favorite part of the entire song may seem insignificant to the average listener, but the way Rambo V stably placed the live drum kit sample during the intermission of the intro and the first real drop of the song was reminisce of something RJD2 would do in the midst of a DJ set. Basically, if deep house and rave music were married and adopted a jazz baby – their theme song would likely be Rambo V‘s Remix of “California Soul.” Listen below and make sure to pick up the Free Download, you will enjoy this remix.